Product Presales (Singapore)

Central Singapore, Singapore
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities

【Job Description】

  1. Responsible for target market analysis (e.g., competitor analysis, market needs research…etc.) to provide feasible new market entry / development strategies.
  2. Participate in pre-sales and market development activities, including:
  • Assist sales representative(s) to visit corporate customers to expand and maintain potential business opportunities.
  • On behalf of the company to present and explain the appropriate product solutions to corporate customers based on their status quo and thus create customer needs.
  • Cooperate with sales representative(s) and technical teams to produce product proposals that meet customer needs.
  • Understand the cooperation model of major industry unions, channel integrators, and strategic partners in the target market to effectively promote product solutions.
  • Serve as the main communicator between customers and the delivery team.
Required Qualifications


  1. Degree/Diploma in Information Technology or equivalent.
  2. Excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin.
  3. 2+ years experience in software/IT industry, broad knowledge in software development and web application technologies such as API and Database Management Systems.
  4. Good analysis and documentation skills.
  5. Positive thinker; communicates openly and directly.
Preferred Qualifications

Experience in sales/presales is a plus.

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