Investor Relations Manager

Taipei City, Taiwan
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

【What you will do?】

1. Responsible for finding potential investors and maintaining a good relationship with potential investors.

2. Assist in fundraising and equity planning, and act as a discussion window with accountants and lawyers.

3. Prepare fundraising presentations and documents, host investor presentation meetings, and be responsible for briefing.

4. Lead the pre-investment due diligence work, and coordinate internally to obtain and assist complete the investment case.

5. Responsible for maintaining the relationship between strategic shareholders, information release and communication.

6. Responsible for business opportunity management and follow-up of strategic investor referrals.

7. Responsible for the reception and event arrangement of foreign investors visiting Taiwan.

8. Cooperate with domestic and foreign business trips.

9. take over other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

【Who we're looking for?】

• Experience working in accounting firms is a plus.

• Experienced in PR and investor relations.

• Have experience in the software industry.

• Good written and verbal communication skills in both English and Chinese.

• Flexible, able to change direction quickly, also comfortable in a fast-paced environment and in dealing with ambiguity.

• Self-motivated and can work independently or as a team. 

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